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Day Care Accident Attorney in Chicago

One of the most important decisions of a working parent is finding someone to trust with the care of their children during the day. 对许多美国人来说, that answer is a local day care provider in the form of a commercial day care center or home. If that trust is violated and a child is physically or emotionally injured, the relationship between the child and the day care provider can be destroyed, while the child and parents grieve a lifetime. 在许多情况下, parents will seek attorneys for personal injury because of their experience with these situations. 大多数父母, 虽然, also work tirelessly to exhaust all legal remedies in their search for justice and for answers as to what happened to their helpless little loved one. 的 Chicago personal injury lawyers at 皇冠体育app understand the emotional and psychological demands inherent with these proceedings; therefore, they provide the strength and determination parents need from attorneys for personal injury.

Failure to Care by Child Care

的 care of children is serious business that requires day care centers and 房屋 to not only anticipate the needs and behaviors of children but also maintain close supervision over them. As attorneys for personal injury can attest, injury to children while at day care can arise from many causes, including lack of proper inspection of the premises to ensure against dangerous conditions, negligent hiring or inadequate training of employees, inadequate supervision of a child, or failure to adjust their approach in the care to the child’s particular behavioral or developmental needs. It is the responsibility of those who carry out such a business to ensure that they keep the child’s and families’ needs at the forefront of everything they do. When parents seek the help of Chicago personal injury lawyers in these cases, the attorneys conduct an official investigation to determine which shortcomings enabled the accident to occur.

In some areas of the country, the particular standards are set by custom or a local licensing agency. 在伊利诺斯州, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is responsible for setting the standards and licensing within the child day care industry. 它规定的状态, “DCFS is responsible for setting standards and licensing day care centers, 房屋, 组织家庭, and day care agencies in the state. 2007年6月, 伊利诺斯州有两,907 licensed day care centers, 10,051 licensed day care 房屋 and 473 group day care 房屋 with a combined capacity to serve more than 295 thousand children.”

If you are involved in an accident and think you have a claim, it is best to first speak to attorneys for personal injury before discussing the matter with strangers or outside parties. Day care cases can be very complex.

皇冠体育app is a law firm that has experience handling day care cases. 的ir Chicago personal injury lawyers will look at the individual facts of the case and determine if the day care center failed to follow 伊利诺斯州 rules and regulations or demonstrated negligence in the care of your child. 的y have a proven record of success in litigating these cases.

Recent Cases Won by 克利福德’s 律师 for 人身伤害

在最近的一个案例中, Robert 克利福德 and Kevin Durkin, partners at 皇冠体育app and Chicago personal injury lawyers, secured a $14 million settlement for the family of a one-year-old boy who tragically suffered permanent brain damage after choking on an apple slice at a daycare center where workers failed to monitor him.

If you need Chicago personal injury lawyers, 请咨询 with 皇冠体育app. 的y have the resources and experience to navigate the complex process in the fight for you and your family over injuries or death stemming from a day care accident.

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