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Chicago Medication Error Lawyer

Medication errors happen when doctors, 护士, 和 pharmacies are negligent in providing the correct medications to patients, resulting in injuries, 疾病, 或死亡. Thous和s of patients around the world rely on medications to heal 疾病 和 remedy symptoms. It is up to prescribing physicians 和 other parties, 然而, to match the right medication 和 dosage to the patient.

If you suffered a medication error or lost your loved one to such an incident in Chicago, contact 皇冠体育app. We have decades of experience h和ling a variety of medical malpractice claims 在伊利诺斯州. Our lawyers commit 100% of their attention to each client who comes to them for help. We treat clients like family members, fighting for fair compensation in medical malpractice claims as we would for our own spouses or siblings.

After discovering a medication error, call another medical professional 和 discuss ways to repair the damage the error caused or how to begin the process of healing. 然后, talk to one of our attorneys about possible compensation for the costs of medical care, 工资损失, 和 further treatment.

What Do You Need to File a Medication Error Claim in 伊利诺斯州?

A medication error can be devastating for the victim 和 his/her family – especially if it results in overdose, lack of proper treatment, 和 非正常死亡负责. The following are necessary for a medication error claim:

  1. 医疗事故的证据. Medication error cases often take the form of medical malpractice lawsuits. 因此, 一名医生, 医师助理, 护士, or other medical professionals must have prescribed the medication in a professional capacity to a patient.
  2. 证词的优点. Although not all states have this requirement, plaintiffs must submit an affidavit of merit before the courts will hear a medical malpractice claim in 伊利诺斯州, including lawsuits regarding medication errors. This legal document states that an affiant (typically a lawyer) has reviewed the case, conferred with a qualified health care professional, 和 can confirm that he/she believes a negligent medical professional was the cause of the medication error.
  3. 一位律师. Like any malpractice lawsuit, you have up to two years from the date of the medication error (or your discovery of injuries) to file a medication error claim in 伊利诺斯州. A lawyer can help you navigate the complicated claims process. If you’ve suffered a medication injury, talk with one of our attorneys as soon as possible.

If you have been the victim of a medication error in Chicago, talk with someone from our firm. We have the experience to know your best legal options. If we believe a claim can move forward, we will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation, whether it comes through a settlement or a trial.


At 皇冠体育app, we believe in keeping our clients informed throughout the legal process. We respond quickly to calls, 电子邮件, 和 other forms of correspondence, making sure we are responsive throughout the entire case. For an attorney who will treat you with compassion 和 respect, come to 皇冠体育app.


If you or a loved one has suffered from a medication error, talk to one of our attorneys on the best options moving forward. While it may be easy to assume that you made the mistake yourself, we’ve found that medication errors are very common. Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers have the resources to investigate your situation 和 help you receive compensation if negligence played a part in the harm you have suffered. 联系我们 for a 免费的咨询服务 with one of our attorneys to see first-h和 how we can help you.

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