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Richard F. 伯克,小.



理查德·伯克(Richard Burke)是皇冠体育app的合伙人. He is an outstanding 产品责任 attorney and one of the most respected 航空责任 attorneys in Chicago. Mr. Burke is experienced in many complex practice areas including medical malpractice, 养老院的疏忽, 重型卡车诉讼, 产品责任, 航空责任, 航空诉讼, 航空公司的责任, 以及其他形式的运输责任.

他在皇冠体育app工作了几十年, he has obtained multiple million-dollar-plus settlements in truck collision cases, including an $11 million resolution for a client with catastrophic permanent injuries. He also recently settled a $2 million nursing home claim and has settled several complex medical malpractice cases, 有些是在审判前夕.

他是个不知疲倦的工人. 伯克一直在处理最棘手的案子. 他是一个安静的幕后领导者,知道如何把事情做好. From establishing groundbreaking liability in sport utility vehicle rollovers to negligent product design and operation of jumbo jet passenger aircrafts, he explores every angle of his cases whether it be researching case law across the country or garnering experts from the other side of the globe. Mr. Burke uncovers the answers to each issue, leading him to many successful verdicts at trial.

Mr. 伯克经常提起涉及一系列产品缺陷的诉讼, 包括机动车翻车, 座位上的失败, 轮胎缺陷, 制动故障, 燃油系统的火灾, 以及不安全的全地形车辆, 摩托车, 头盔, 和剪草机. 他还经常处理由工厂设备缺陷引起的案件, 以及施工现场的危险, 辆卡车碰撞, 以及医疗过失索赔. He has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of seriously injured clients over the past 25 years.


Mr. Burke tried the case of a private jet that crashed at Palwaukee Municipal Airport before a Cook County jury on behalf of the family of the pilot who was killed in the crash. 经过五周的审判,陪审团裁定赔偿10美元.四千五百万的判决只用了四个小时, finding the airport 90 percent at fault for failing to provide a proper runway safety area.

在另一场航空公司诉讼审判中, 他负责处理一架小型飞机在芝加哥郊外坠毁的案件. Mr. Burke obtained a $6 million verdict on behalf of a young female passenger who was a retail sales manager.

他作为航空法律律师的成就延伸到了加拿大, 在那里处理安大略发生的坠机事件. 他在美国和加拿大都提起了诉讼, 在加拿大成功地以400万美元了结了此案.

Mr. Burke received an $11 million settlement in the death of an executive who was killed in a small corporate jet crash.


Mr. Burke has handled many wrongful death and personal injury cases against the major manufacturers of motor vehicles. Having taken dozens of depositions and reviewed thousands of pages of records involving SUV design and safety, 他已经成为翻车案的关键人物. 例如, he joined Robert 克利福德 in a case involving the rollover of a sport utility vehicle where a 15-year-old girl was severely injured and two teenage girls were killed when the SUV rolled over on a Chicago expressway. Burke and 克利福德 recovered a $22 million settlement against Ford Motor Company, 福特经销商, 还是一家轮胎零售商和制造商. 他还得到了3美元.5 million settlement for the death of an eight-year-old boy that resulted from a defective design in the rear passenger area of his family’s conversion van as well as recovering a $3.45 million settlement on behalf of a girl who was rendered a quadriplegic when she was struck by a police car.

Mr. Burke has also litigated cases in Canada concerning the drowning of two Americans and a third who survived the tragic capsizing of a hunting boat in Quebec.

Burke recently obtained a settlement in excess of $3 million for the surviving family of a golfer found underneath a golf cart that apparently had accelerated unexpectedly due to design defects in the accelerator pedal assembly components.

先生的一个. Burke’s most memorable trials involved the death of six-year-old Hiroaki Ishiguro. He came to the United 状态s with his parents who were set to return to their homeland, 日本, 仅仅两周. Tragically, Hiroaki was struck and killed by a garbage truck while riding his bicycle. The truck driver did not see him because his vehicle was without proper side and back mirrors to spot children nearby. He received a $6 million jury verdict for the family who had already moved back to 日本 after Hiroaki’s father completed a fellowship in orthopedic surgery.

Mr. Burke initially acquired his trial skills as an Assistant 状态’s Attorney in Cook County for 12 years. He rose up the ranks among his peers to become the supervisor of felony trial prosecutors in two busy suburban courthouses. 在这一点上, 他决定在民事领域运用这些诉讼技巧, and he has been a valuable member of the 皇冠体育app’ team of Chicago personal injury attorneys ever since.

He went to Loyola University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology. He later went on to the 芝加哥大学 where he earned a Master’s in Business Administration.

“我的工作特别令人满意, helping people whose lives have been catastrophically altered as a result of serious injury through someone’s negligence,”伯克说. “Sometimes the most rewarding aspect of my work is comforting and counseling people shortly after traumatic occurrences or incidents when they really don’t know where to turn or how to deal with monstrous medical bills, 不能工作, 有时他们甚至无法满足基本的日常护理需求.”

“I like to think that 皇冠体育app is there for people who need us at their worst hour.”


  • 领域的实践
    • 航空诉讼
    • 商业航空责任
    • 人身伤害
    • 产品责任
    • 运输责任
    • 医疗事故
  • 酒吧招生
    • U.S. 上诉法院第七巡回上诉法院,1988年
    • U.S. 伊利诺伊州北部地区地方法院,1988年
    • U.S. 伊利诺斯州北部地区地方法院审判律师,1978年
    • 伊利诺斯州,1978
  • 教育
    • 德保罗大学法学院,芝加哥,伊利诺伊州
      • J.D.1978年获法学博士学位
    • 芝加哥大学
      • M.B.A. – 1988
    • 洛约拉芝加哥大学,芝加哥,伊利诺斯州
      • B.S.1975年获理学学士学位
  • 发表作品
    • 库克县州检察官办公室《皇冠体育app》,2001年
    • 芝加哥律师协会《皇冠体育手机版下载》,2000年
    • 伊利诺斯州 Trial Lawyers Association “Motor Vehicle 产品责任案件,” 2000
    • 伊利诺斯州 状态 Bar Association Trial Techniques Course – “Objections During Trial,” 2000
    • 《皇冠体育app》,1999年
    • 《皇冠体育手机版下载》1998年
    • “最大化赔偿”,1996
  • 类/研讨会
    • Lecture and article on the “Opening 状态ment in 医疗事故 Cases,” 1997
    • 侵权法更新研讨会,“产品责任案例”,1997
    • 1993 - 1995年,联邦审判律师辩护培训讲师
  • 荣誉和奖励
    • 2015 -至今美国最佳律师
    • 入选伊利诺斯州超级律师名单,2005,2007 - 2020
  • 专业协会和会员
    • Chicago Bar Association (CBA), Member, Committee on Judicial Evaluation, 1993 – 1999
    • 美国律师协会(ABA)诉讼部成员
    • 美国出庭律师协会(ATLA)会员
    • 伊利诺伊州律师协会(ISBA),会员
    • 伊利诺斯州出庭律师协会(ITLA)会员

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